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We’re rooted in communities across Canada and laser-focused on delivering the resilient and net-zero built environment of the future.

Industry overview

As makers of the most-consumed commodity on the planet after water, the Canadian cement and concrete industry shares a responsibility to find solutions to the challenges of climate change, a circular economy and sustainable construction.

Our industry’s commitments

We’re working with policy makers, environmental groups, built environment professionals and civil society to secure an effective transition to a safer climate and a more resilient economy.

How cement and concrete are made

Our industry is committed to accelerating the decarbonization of cement and concrete solutions.

Concrete products

There are concrete products for all types of applications and construction needs. Each and every one of these products shares concrete’s innate sustainability attributes.

Publications on concrete technology

Concrete Design Handbook and Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures are two key publications produced by the Cement Association of Canada which can be purchased on-line.

Sustainable construction for a circular economy