The podcast that cements the facts about the world’s 2nd most-consumed commodity

Speaking Concretely is the official podcast brought to you by the Cement Association of Canada, offering an in-depth look at the role of cement and concrete in Canada’s economy and our daily lives. We delve into the sustainability initiatives, innovative technologies, and architectural triumphs of the industry, while also exploring the challenges and solutions in reducing the carbon footprint of cement production. 

Speaking Concretely: latest episodes

Episode 1

Available June 13th

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Our host

Adam Auer

President and CEO, Cement Association of Canada

Adam was appointed President and CEO of the Cement Association of Canada (CAC) in April 2022. Formerly Vice President of Sustainability, Adam has spent over two decades working with public, private and non-profit institutions with a strong focus on industrial decarbonization. As CAC’s President and CEO, Adam’s primary focus is to secure the cement sector’s continued competitiveness and leadership in Canada’s transition to a climate resilient net-zero economy. Before joining the CAC in 2012, Adam managed Environment Canada’s Corporate Environmental Innovation initiative – a multi-stakeholder program to promote the business and financial case for corporate environmental leadership and the link between sustainability and an innovative and competitive economy. Adam holds a Masters’ of Environmental Studies from York University and a Bachelor of Science in Ecology from the University of British Columbia.

What you can expect:

Episodes of Speaking Concretely will feature:

Industry Insights:
Hear from the experts and leaders who shape the world of cement and concrete. We discuss trends, challenges, and the future of the industry with CEOs, engineers, architects, and policymakers.

Sustainability Focus:
Segments dedicated to environmental stewardship and the association’s commitment to a greener future. Learn about cutting-edge research, eco-friendly practices, and how our industry contributes to sustainable development.

Project Spotlights:
In-depth discussions about significant projects in Canada where cement and concrete play a crucial role. From skyscrapers to bridges to public art, we uncover the stories behind the structures.

Innovation Corner:
Discover the latest advancements in cement and concrete technology. We explore new materials, techniques, and ideas driving the industry forward.

Community Voice:
Engaging conversations with the local community, including how the cement industry impacts local economies, job creation, and community development.

Who should listen?

Professionals in the Construction Industry:
Architects, engineers, builders, and contractors who want to stay updated on industry standards and innovations.

Environmental Advocates:
Individuals passionate about sustainability and interested in learning how a major industry is addressing environmental challenges.

Students and Educators:
Those seeking educational content on material science, engineering, and environmental studies related to the cement and concrete industry.

General Audience:
Anyone with a curiosity about how the built environment around them comes to life and the materials that make it possible.

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Le balado qui cimente les faits sur le 2e produit le plus consommé au monde

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