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Concrete is an indispensable part of our built environment. Our industry’s push to achieve net-zero moves us in an ever-greener direction that will help ensure thriving, sustainable and resilient communities.

Concrete Zero: Canada’s cement and concrete industry action plan to net-zero

Our #ConcreteZero Action Plan shows that greater emissions reductions are possible.
Relying on developed and proven technologies and processes, #ConcreteZero is about finding “true” net-zero emissions. It will require many actions, from changing the way we make cement, to imagining new ways of designing and constructing our infrastructure.

Proven resilience

The resilience of our built environment—the ability of our homes, buildings and infrastructure to withstand extreme events like fire, earthquakes and violent weather, and our own ability to function in the face of these events—is central to thriving, sustainable communities.

Our roadmap to net-zero

For decades now, the Canadian cement and concrete industry has been engaged in reducing its carbon footprint and creating more sustainable and lower-carbon solutions for Canada’s building industry. Today, we’re accelerating our actions towards net-zero concrete.

Sustainable construction for a circular economy

Concrete is ever-present in our daily lives and it has been integral to the development of modern society. It is used to build homes, skyscrapers, bridges, schools, hospitals, highways and dams and it has unlimited design possibilities. Some of the world’s most iconic structures—old and new alike—were formed with concrete.

Our industry’s