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Welcome to the Cement Association of Canada, the voice of Canada’s cement industry. Together with our members and partners in the concrete sector, we’re committed to making concrete a net-zero material of choice.
We’re helping to build a better, greener future. 

Canada’s cement and concrete industry are leaders in the fight to stop climate change.”   – Adam Auer, President and CEO, CAC.


Concrete sustainability:

for life

Concrete is vital to our daily lives and our communities. It’s an indispensable part of our built environment, from our homes, schools, and hospitals to our rapid-transit systems, bridges, renewable energy, wastewater treatment plants and other vital infrastructure.

Our industry’s push to achieve net-zero concrete moves us in an ever-greener direction that will ultimately help ensure thriving, sustainable and resilient communities for generations to come.
Concrete Zero tells the journey we have been on as an industry. It outlines the progress we’ve made and shows that higher emissions reductions are possible. Our Action Plan lays the foundation for what we will do next and our role in delivering leading solutions to climate change.” – David Redfern, Chair, CAC


Achieving net-zero carbon concrete

As the makers of the most-consumed material on the planet after water, the cement and concrete industry shares a responsibility to find solutions to the challenges of climate change, sustainable construction and a circular economy. 

Over the past 30 years, our industry has proactively decreased concrete’s carbon footprint by 20%. 

Building on work already begun, industry members have committed to achieving net-zero concrete by 2050, with targets to reduce the carbon intensity of cement (the key ingredient in concrete) by up to 40% by 2030, and a progress review in 2025.

Our recent partnership with the Government of Canada supporting the development and implementation of our roadmap to zero carbon is invaluable in helping us accelerate the decarbonization of our industry.

A single car driving over a concrete highway

Substainable & circular economy construction

Concrete’s innate qualities help lower the environmental footprint of our built environment over the lifecycle. Concrete’s recyclability and the transition from fossil to low carbon fuels in the manufacturing of cement (concrete’s main ingredient) also help support the transition to a more efficient circular economy.

a circular concrete building with grass on top

Proven resilience

Concrete’s strength and resilience enhance our communities’ ability to withstand and recover from extreme weather events, helping all of us adapt more effectively to the realities of our changing climate, especially when paired with natural infrastructure solutions.

Expertise Center

The Expertise Center offers a broad range of technical resources to foster greater awareness and understanding of our innovations for sustainable, circular-economy construction and best design practices using concrete.



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