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PARTENAIRES DU DÉVELOPPEMENT DURABLE: Le gouvernement du Canada et l’ACC annoncent un partenariat pour faire du Canada un leader dans le domaine bu béton à faible empreinte de carbone.

Lundi, 31 mai, 9h30

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Canada’s cement industry

Concrete is the foundation upon which modern, resilient societies are built. The five members of the Cement Association of Canada provide a reliable, domestic supply of cement for the concrete required to build Canada’s communities and critical infrastructure. The CAC, its members and concrete sector partners are committed to innovation, leadership, transparency and collaboration to reduce our environmental footprint and provide solutions to society’s sustainability challenges.

New IISD Study On Carbon Accounting Gaps

This landmark study by the International Institute for Sustainable Development identifies serious gaps in the way carbon is measured, finds concrete’s embodied carbon footprint can be 6% lower than wood’s.

Portland-Limestone Cement

Introduced in Canada in 2011, Portland-limestone cement, also known as Contempra, reduces CO2 emissions by 10%.

Concrete | Build for life

A resource that provides a high level overview of concrete’s contribution to sustainable, low carbon, climate resilient communities.

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Shaped by Concrete

Modern society has been built using concrete. Our schools, homes, hospitals, roads, cities and towns have all been shaped by concrete.

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