As with any built infrastructure, good construction is key to ensuring a concrete pavement structure performs to expectations. Construction activities for concrete pavements can range from simple, hand-placement fixed form practices, to highly sophisticated operations with fully automated equipment.

Uniformity of the subgrade and base structures are the most critical aspect of concrete pavement construction, as it ensures the concrete distributes the traffic load uniformly and no dynamic loading is present due to varied supporting strengths throughout the length of pavement project. An equally important consideration is ensuring proper drainage is in-place within and surrounding the base structure. Without proper drainage, the concrete pavement can experience severe effects such as: erosion of the base structure, non-uniform support causing dynamic loading of the concrete and potential slab cracking, increased warping stresses due to high moisture differential from the top and bottom of the slab, and potential decreased freeze-thaw performance causing premature joint failure.

Below are several key resources and documents on construction of concrete pavement:

Proven resilience