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Precast concrete pavements

Precast concrete pavements are a relatively new type of pavement system slowly gaining popularity in North America because of its prefabricated, modular nature, which allows for expedited construction schedules over asphalt and cast-in-place concrete.

Precast pavement slabs are particularly useful for rehabilitation of highly traveled concrete roadways because of the difficulty in re-routing traffic. The precast pavement repair technique may also be useful for highways of much lower ADT at certain locations such as approaches to bridges where shoulders for accommodating traffic detours are minimal or non-existent (i.e. main thoroughfares, ramps, intersections, bridge approaches, roundabouts, as well as airfield runways and taxiways).

Additionally, precast concrete pavements provide innovative maintenance solutions, and panels can be standardized to address common roadwork like utility cuts, or re-used for temporary repair activities.

Below are several key resources and documents on precast concrete pavements:

Proven resilience