9th Edition of Engineering Bulletin 101 now available

By: Cement Association of Canada

The Cement Association of Canada has released the 9th Edition of Engineering Bulletin 101 – Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures. The book is available as an online PDF or in a softcover and online PDF bundle through Orderline.

Engineering Bulletin 101 has been the industry’s primary reference on concrete technology for over 85 years, backed by almost 100 years of research by the Portland Cement Association and the Cement Association of Canada. The book includes many updated and new sections, including:

  • The latest CSA and ASTM standards
  • A new chapter on the sustainability of concrete and the LEED system
  • Updated information on cement manufacturing methods
  • A complete overview of the cement making process is illustrated
  • New information on Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCMs) such as glass and harvested fly ash

The comprehensive manual is designed for anyone involved with concrete, from ready-mixed concrete producers, concrete contractors, and material suppliers. Design and Control of Concrete Mixtures also meets the growing needs of architects, engineers, builders, and students. Visit (blank) to order your copy today.