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Rehabilitation and maintenance

Determining the timing of preservation or rehabilitation activities over the service life of a pavement is critical to ensuring a pavement meets or exceeds its expected performance according to its design. With transportation agencies facing rising traffic volumes and reduced budgets, it is therefore also critical to ensure the scheduling of routine and major maintenance activities throughout the life of the pavement to maintain an acceptable serviceability index at the lowest cost to the stakeholders.

Rehabilitation activities for concrete pavements include: resealing of joints, replacing/restoring malfunctioning joints (i.e. dowel bar retro-fits or cross-stitching), grinding of pavements to restore smoothness, partial or full-depth repairs, removing deteriorated materials, strengthening of bases or subbases, filling of voids under the concrete with slab jacking techniques, concrete overlay installations over existing concrete or asphalt structures, and adding drains.

Below are several key resources and documents on rehabilitation and maintenance of concrete pavement:

Proven resilience